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Let me introduce myself my name is Janice Covington  Allison Chair of TransCarolina; first I want to say I am a 69-year-old transgender woman who has been out for 46 years of my life and involved in all sorts of civic activities and not just for the LGBT community.  Maybe some of you have seen me in the media before, but at any rate, I want to say that I am not a sex offender, a pedophile or sexual predator, but my governor and my state says that I am, does that make it true. You are being bamboozled and under the control of fear. I wish people would read and understand HB2 and see that it’s just smoke and mirrors, using the bathroom issue to divert your attention from the real meat of the bill.


First here is some history about me that has been vetted many times. I am a Disabled Combat Veteran who has served my country with 3 holes in my legs, I am also a diabetic because of being exposed to agent orange, hell I can’t even march in a Veterans Day Parade, because I can’t walk more than 100 ft without having excruciating pain. I have paid my taxes all my life, served my community for over 40 years, served in the fire service for 25 years and now a retired Fire Chief/ Paramedic, I have risked my life to save others on multiple occasions and did save a few along the way.


Look what HB2 has done for me; it eviscerates my ability to participate actively in community things like public events in all publicly owned buildings because I can’t pee, if I need to. I can’t go to a Boat show, the Circus, a Gun show at the Charlotte Convention Center, yes the one I pay taxes on to. HB2 has now violated my rights to attend a Government meeting at a Government building because I have no place to pee. It has violated my right to vote because the building where my voting precinct is, is a government-owned school.


I can’t fly so that I can attend my class reunion because I can’t use the bathroom in the airport while waiting on my plane. I am a handicapped war veteran, my Kidneys are failing as some of you know, so where do I pee? I can’t go to any event in a public building, I cannot go, I cannot attend because I am unable to use the bathroom and if I do I am subject to arrest because I am breaking the law. Is this right, is this what my state and country have done for me, is this constitutional, is my civil rights being violated, I ask myself because now I feel like a low life, without a country or a 2nd class citizen in a place I call home. Now I don’t feel welcome anywhere I go, is this it, is this what my life has come to?


This law has affected many people who are medically confirmed to be Transgender men and women. Transgender people are not criminals, but yet we are being singled out as abominations and friends’ we are just innocent students and everyday people who just want to live their lives, like you. Two months ago in Alabama, there was a Church Minister arrested for sexually assaulting multiple kids and he admitted it. Furthermore; this week in Charlotte we had two school teachers in separate incidents arrested for assaulting children. Why is all of the attention being put on Transgender people I will tell you why and that is because of campaign money that is being funneled into North Carolina by the Religious Fundamentalist who control the Republican Legislators and Governor, either they play ball or no money, the issue is the church with their ideals?


How and why does the North Carolina General Assembly have powers over our city governments, is a question I hear many people ask me because of the Hate Bill 2 Law [HB2]. To begin with here is a little civics lesson, In the Constitution of the United States there was no provision for state governments to control their own state, so there was a move by the Anti-Federalist Movement to include the 10th Amendment into the Bill of Rights so that states like North Carolina would be able to govern their own state without interference from the Federal Government, unless it violated the Constitution of the United States. For example, in my opinion, HB2 violates the 14th Amendment, Title 1X, and Title V11 so I predict the United States Supreme Court will find that HB2 is unconstitutional, very much the same as Amendment One.



I want to make my home in North Carolina my heaven, Being a Tar Heel is a proud status for me and I know it’s the same with most of you, so what do we do now is a question that eats at me every single moment. My take on this is that we are at War with the Religious Fundamentalist who has been infiltrating our government since Ronald Ragan was president. The agenda for these people like Pat McCrory, Dan Bishop, Dan Forest, and Phil Burger is to convert our government into a Religious Government. The only example I can think of is Vatican City, a government where the religious leaders are in charge. With this type of government, there will be no free elections, only appointments. This is not what I want and I assume you feel the same..So let’s all stop and think with some common sense and see what is really happening. Please don’t be fooled, let’s all come together and take our state back, no matter what your orientation. Love will prevail the women and children will be safe, I assure you.